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Alternate metric naming conventions for performance data

Analytics users can opt-in to a new alternate metric name for OpenTSDB data for certain types of devices, but this action will reduce Analytics ability to perform bulk data retrievals from the Query service. Alias names for Analytics are defined separately, so there are no changes needed to alias names.

If you do opt-in to the new alternate metric name and do not migrate your OpenTSDB data, there will be a gap in the Analytics data warehouse data. To mitigate this, you will need to run an Analytics ETL just prior to the metric name change.

Any gap will be limited to any data related to the affected opt-in metrics renamed and that was collected after the last ETL and before the execution of the opting-in metric rename. After the opt-in occurs, only data collected for the affected renamed metrics after the opt-in was executed will be ETL'ed. All metrics not affected by the rename will ETL as normal and NOT result in an ETL gap.