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getAllResults(query, **category, **sort, **start, **limit, **page, **dir) Returns ISearchResultSnippets for the results of the query.
saveSearch(queryString, searchName) Adds this search to our collection of saved searches
@param string queryString: term we are searching for
@param string searchName: our query string's identifier
updateSavedSearch(searchName, queryString) Updates the specified search with the new query
@param string searchName: name of the search we want to update
@param string query: value of the new query we are searching on
getLiveResults(query, **maxResults) Returns IQuickSearchResultSnippets for the results of the query.
getSavedSearch(searchName) @params string searchName: identifier of the search we are looking for
@return DirectResponse: the data attribute will have our search terms
removeSavedSearch(searchName) Removes the search specified by searchName
@param string searchName
getCategoryCounts(query) Given a search term this queries each of the adapters for a
list of categories and the counts of the returned results
getAllSavedSearches(**query, **addManageSavedSearch) @returns [ISavedSearchInfo] All the searches the logged in
user can access