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Universal configuration variables

The tables in this section provide an overview of the serviced configuration variables that apply to all Control Center hosts. Set these variables as required for your environment or applications.

Role variable

Variable Description
SERVICED_MASTER Assigns the role of a serviced instance, either master or delegate. The master runs the application services scheduler and other internal services. Delegates run the application services assigned to the resource pool to which they belong.

Browser interface variable

Variable Description
SERVICED_UI_PORT The port on which the HTTP server listens for requests.

Networking variables

Variable Description
SERVICED_STATIC_IPS A list of one or more static IP addresses for IP assignment.
SERVICED_OUTBOUND_IP The IP address of the network interface for serviced to use. When this variable is not set, serviced uses the IP address of the default network interface and assumes it has internet access. To prevent serviced from assuming it has internet access, set this variable.
SERVICED_VIRTUAL_ADDRESS_SUBNET The private network for containers that use virtual IP addresses. The default is, and the network can be unique on each host. A /29 network is sufficient.
SERVICED_DOCKER_DNS A list of one or more DNS servers. The list is injected into all Docker containers.

Debugging variables

Variable Description
SERVICED_LOG_LEVEL The log level serviced uses when writing to the system log.
SERVICED_DEBUG_PORT The port on which serviced listens for HTTP requests for the Go profiler.
SERVICED_DOCKER_LOG_DRIVER The log driver for all Docker container logs.
SERVICED_DOCKER_LOG_CONFIG Docker --log-opt options.

Tuning variables (all Control Center hosts)

Variable Description
SERVICED_MAX_CONTAINER_AGE The number of seconds serviced waits before removing a stopped container.
SERVICED_ISVCS_ENV_[0-9]+ Startup arguments to pass to specific internal services.
SERVICED_SERVICE_MIGRATION_TAG Overrides the default value for the service migration image.
SERVICED_OPTS Startup arguments for serviced.
SERVICED_CONTROLLER_BINARY The path of the serviced-controller binary.
SERVICED_HOME The path of the home directory for serviced.
SERVICED_ETC_PATH The path of the directory for serviced configuration files.
SERVICED_VHOST_ALIASES A list of hostname aliases for a host; for example, localhost.
SERVICED_ZK_CONNECT_TIMEOUT The number of seconds Control Center waits for a connection to the lead ZooKeeper host.
SERVICED_ZK_PER_HOST_CONNECT_DELAY The number of seconds Control Center waits before attempting to connect to the next host in its round-robin list of ZooKeeper hosts.
These are used together when Control Center is unable to re-establish a connection with the lead ZooKeeper host.