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serviced host

The serviced host command administers host data.


serviced host [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]



List all hosts.

add Hostname-Or-IP

Add a host.

If the host is behind a router or firewall, include the --nat-address option in the invocation.

[remove|rm] HostID

Remove a host.


Set the authentication keys to use for a host. When KEYSFILE is -, keys are read from standard input (stdin).

set-memory Hostname-Or-IP

Set the memory allocation for a specific host.


Show a list of commands or help for a single command.


--nat-address NAT-Hostname-Or-IP[:Port]

Associate a NAT address with the host. Specify the port if using an IP address instead of a hostname.


Show the help message.


Add host that is behind a NAT:

serviced host add Hostname-Or-IP:4979 Resource-Pool \