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Service Impact 5.6.0

This release includes bug fixes and updates to the following enabling packages:

  • Neo4j is updated to release 4.3.2
  • Log4j is updated to 2.17.1

In addition, Service Impact no longer relies on graph updates. In testing, the package updates and related refactoring resulted in performance improvements between 3x to 7x.

In Control Center, the graphs of the Impact Server no longer include the following graphs:

  • Impact Graph Database Size
  • Impact Graph Objects
  • Impact Graph Transactions

The graphs used the following metrics, which are no longer collected:


For version information, please see the compatibility matrix on the Release Notes page.

Update instructions

This release supports updates from 5.5.5 to 5.6.0 only. For all previous releases, update to 5.5.5 first.

The order of steps in the update procedures is crucial. Please review the procedures in advance, and follow the instructions carefully.

Known issues

  • When you change the metatype configuration, the Service Impact database is updated to add or remove nodes. Depending on which items are changed, processing the changes can take 30-90 minutes in very large environments.
  • (IMP-836) After a metatype configuration change, related service events are not cleared. To work around the issue, remove and then re-add the dynamic service.

Fixed issues

ID Description
IMP-740 Update process uses more and more memory
IMP-925 DEBUG content sent as INFO in logs


Graph update fails due to inconsistencies between ZODB and impact-server
IMP-939 In large environments, the impact-server service can become CPU-bound
IMP-962 Graph update fails due to malformed JSON response
IMP-965 Related events are not displaying for some Dynamic Service Availability events
IMP-978 Graph update (dev_live_sync option) fails
IMP-1009 Transaction processing does not prevent inconsistency