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Modeling is the process of discovering device information. It is not monitoring; modeling does not collect availability or performance data.

Modeling devices

Resource Manager can use SSH, WinRM, and SNMP to model devices (SSH and WinRM are the recommended options).

The modeling method that you select depends on your environment and the types of devices that you want to model and monitor.

By default the system remodels each known device every 720 minutes (12 hours). You can change the frequency with which devices are remodeled. Edit the value of the Modeler Cycle Interval in the collector's configuration.

For larger deployments, modeling frequency might affect performance. In such environments, set the startat configuration setting inside the zenmodeler.conf file to change the scheduling of the daemon. The startat value only dictates the initial start time of zenmodeler. Each subsequent run interval is determined by the zenmodeler cycle time (number of minutes between runs). The cycle time is configured on the daemon settings page inside the parent's collector folder, which you can access in Control Center. For more information, refer to this knowledgebase article.

The following figure shows how the zenmodeler daemon fits into the modeling devices portion of the Resource Manager architecture. Note that MariaDB replaced ZenDS (MySQL) in version 5.x and later and stores the object database (ZODB).