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Removing migration images from the master host

Use this procedure to remove migration images from the Control Center master host.

  1. Log in to the master host as root or as a user with superuser privileges.

  2. Start Docker, if necessary.

    systemctl status docker || systemctl start docker
  3. Display the serviced images in the local repository.

    docker images | awk '/REPO|serviced-isvcs/'

    Example result (edited to fit):

    REPOSITORY                     TAG       IMAGE ID
    zenoss/serviced-isvcs          v67       88cd6c24cc82
    zenoss/serviced-isvcs          v68       0aab5a2123f2
    zenoss/serviced-isvcs          v69       45a3647e2c85

    The example result shows the current image (v69) and the migration images (v67 and v68). Your result may include additional previous versions and will show different images IDs.

  4. Remove unused images. Replace My-v67 and My-v68 with the image IDs of the migration images in your registry.

    docker rmi My-v67 My-v68