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Managing custom MariaDB passwords before updating

If you are using custom database passwords for the mariadb-events and mariadb-model services, the passwords must be managed before starting the update process for Resource Manager 6.5.0.

Follow these steps to determine whether custom passwords are in use:

  1. Log in to the Control Center master host as a user with serviced CLI privileges.

  2. Display the MariaDB passwords.

    serviced service list Zenoss.resmgr | awk '/(zep|zodb).*-password/'

    When the default passwords are in use, the result looks like this:

         "global.conf.zep-admin-password": "",
         "global.conf.zep-password": "zenoss",
         "global.conf.zodb-admin-password": "",
         "global.conf.zodb-password": "zenoss",

You can manage the passwords with either of the following methods:

Managing passwords with a script

Use this procedure to maintain your customized MariaDB passwords before updating Resource Manager.

To perform this procedure, you need:

  • A workstation with internet access.
  • Permission to download files from Customers can request permission by filing a ticket at the Zenoss Support site.
  • A secure network copy utility.
  • A user account on the Control Center master host with serviced CLI privileges.

Follow these steps:

  1. In a web browser, navigate to, and then log in.

  2. Download the script. The script is located in the resource-manager-65x folder.

  3. Use a network copy utility to copy the script to the Control Center master host.

  4. Log in to the Control Center master host as a user with serviced CLI privileges.

  5. Create a variable for the ID of the Zope/0 container.

    zope0=$(docker container ls --no-trunc --format "{{.ID}} {{.Command}}" | awk '/runzope/ { if ($4 == "0" && $9 !~ "CONFIG") print $1 }') && echo $zope0
  6. Copy the script to the temporary directory of the Zope/0 container.

    docker cp ${zope0}:/tmp
  7. Start an interactive session in the Zope/0 container as user zenoss.

    serviced service attach zope/0 su - zenoss
  8. Change directory to the migration directory.

    cd /opt/zenoss/Products/ZenModel/migrate
  9. Copy the script from the temporary directory.

    cp /tmp/ .
  10. Migrate the passwords.

    • To migrate 6.3.2 systems:

      zenmigrate --step=AddGlobalConfToMariadb --dont-bump
    • To migrate more recent systems:

      zenmigrate --step=AddGlobalConfToMariadb
  11. Exit the container.