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Mapping sequence

The sequence area of an event class mapping (select Sequence in the left panel) allows you to provide more than one mapping for the same event class key. In this case, the sequence is evaluated in ascending order until a full (rule or regex) match is found.

For example, suppose a router is sending in unclassified events that need to be mapped to two event classes:

  • /Events/Router/fanDown
  • /Events/Router/fanUnknown

The event class key for both has been sent to "router", but one has a message of "Fan Down" and the other has no message at all. The mapping on /Events/Router/fanDown has an event class key of "router" and a regex of "Fan Down." The mapping on /Events/Router/fanUnknown has only an event class key of "router" and (in this example) no regex. Because the fanUnknown mapping matches the fanDown events, the evaluation of fanDown needs to occur first.

You can modify the evaluation of mappings with the same event class key in the Sequence area of any of those event class mappings. In the previous example, you could go to either mapping, select Sequence, and both mappings would be displayed. You can set one to 0, and the other to 1. (You can enter other values, but they will be changed to the shortest list of integers, starting with 0.) Setting fanDown to 0 and fanUnknown to 1 will ensure that the events will be mapped properly.