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Custom Device Reports

Creating a custom device report

To create a custom device report:

  1. Navigate to REPORTS > Custom Device Reports
  2. Click Add and select Add Custom Device Report from the popup menu.
  3. Enter a name for the report in the Create Custom Device Report dialog box and click SUBMIT.
  4. Define the following report parameters:

    • Name: Edit the report name if needed.

    • Title: Enter the report title. This title is displayed in the report and is distinct from the report name.

    • Path: Specify the path in the hierarchy where you want the system to store the report.

    • Query: Specify the actual query string for the report. For example, if you want to limit the report to just those devices with a serial number,you can set the query value to:

      here.hw.serialNumber != ""
    • Sort Column: Specify the column on which you want to sort the report by default.

    • Sort Sense: Specify the sense that the system uses to sort:asc (ascending sort) or desc (descending sort)

    • Columns: Specify the data to be retrieved and displayed in the report. For example you could specify:

      • getID: Gets the name of any device.
      • getManageIp: Gets the IP addresses of the devices.
      • getHWSerialNumber: Gets the serial numbers of the devices.