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Working with devices

This section includes information and procedures for managing devices in Resource Manager.

Viewing the device list

The device list shows all devices in the system. From this view, you can search for devices and perform a range of management tasks on all devices.

To access the device list, from the navigation menu, select INFRASTRUCTURE.

Devices hierarchy

Devices are organized in the tree view by:

  • Devices
  • Groups
  • Systems
  • Locations
  • Component Groups

Click the indicator next to each category name to expand it and see included devices.

Managing multiple devices from the device list

You can perform some management tasks for more than one device at a time. You can:

  • Move devices to a different class
  • Assign devices to groups, systems, and locations
  • Remove devices
  • Perform actions such as assigning priority, production state, or collector
  • Lock devices

Device filtering

You can filter the list of devices on the INFRASTRUCTURE > DEVICES page by entering a Python regular expression in the filter field.

Device filtering supports a maximum of 8 OR clauses (joins with the vertical line character (|)).

For more information about creating regular expressions, refer to resources such as this tutorial or this test site.