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zenimpactimport - Imports a GraphML file that contains Service Impact the service model definitions for a dynamic service; imports multiple subsequent calls to process new actions in order to reconcile a service model against the entities in Resource Manager.

The import process generates files that report the result of the import and recommend actions. An action consists of an action keyword followed by parameters for that type of action. Actions and parameters are separated by white space, with each action on a separate line.

For more information about the import process, see Importing service model definitions.


zenimpactimport [-r <reconcile_action_file>] [--commit] <import_xml_file>


-r <reconcile_action_file>

Use the specified file to perform reconcile actions. For more information about actions, see Reconciling originating and target system entities.

CREATE <NodeID> - Create an operational node for the specified ID.

DELETE <NodeID> - Delete an operational node for the specified ID.

MAP <NodeID> <TargetNodeID> - Map a node to the specified operational node.

IGNORE <NodeID> - The specified node is ignored.

UNRECONCILED <NodeID> - The specified node requires resolution.


If no errors occur during reconciliation, commit the import into ZODB.


Continue commit processing despite errors, if any.

--help, -h

Show the help message.