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Installing MariaDB database utilities

The Percona Toolkit is a collection of helpful utilities for MySQL and MariaDB databases. For licensing reasons, Zenoss can not distribute it. Zenoss strongly recommends that all deployments of Resource Manager install the Percona Toolkit.

Installation fails if you are using custom passwords for MariaDB. Perform one of the following procedures first, then change the passwords.

Installing the Percona Toolkit with internet access

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Control Center master host as a user with serviced CLI privileges.
  2. Install the package.

    serviced service run zope install-percona

    At the end of the installation process, the message Container not commited is displayed. This is normal. The tools are installed in the distributed file system, not in an image.

Installing the Percona Toolkit without internet access

To perform this procedure, you need one of the following:

  • a login account on the master host that is a member of the docker group
  • the password of the root user account

In addition, you need the Percona Toolkit package file. This procedure includes steps for downloading it to a client system, and then copying it to the Control Center master host.

  1. On a client system, use a web browser to download the latest version of the Percona Toolkit package.
  2. Log in to the Control Center master host.
  3. Prepare the package for installation.

    1. On the Control Center master host, create a directory for the package, and then change directory.

      mkdir /tmp/percona && cd /tmp/percona
    2. Copy the package to the temporary location.

      You may use a file transfer utility such as WinSCP.

    3. Update the access permissions of the file and directory.

      chmod -R 777 /tmp/percona
  4. Start a shell as the zenoss user in a Zope container.

    1. Change directory to the location of the Percona Toolkit file.

      cd /tmp/percona
    2. Start an interactive shell in a Zope container and save a snapshot named PerconaToolkit.

      serviced service shell -i -s $mySnap zope bash
    3. Switch user to zenoss.

      su - zenoss
  5. Install the package and exit the Zope container.

    1. Create a directory for the package.

      mkdir -p $PERCONADIR
    2. Extract the package files.

      Replace Version with the version number of the package file:

      tar --strip-components=1 -C $PERCONADIR -xzvf /mnt/pwd/percona-toolkit-Version.tar.gz
    3. Exit the zenoss shell.

    4. Exit the Zope container.

  6. Commit the named snapshot.

    serviced snapshot commit $mySnap
  7. Restart the zeneventserver service.

    serviced service restart zeneventserver