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Managing background tasks

The job service runs background tasks, such as discovering a network or adding a device. When you start one of these tasks, the job service adds a job to its queue.

Not all actions are performed in the job service. Some jobs are run automatically in the foreground. Others, such as moving devices, depend on user interface configuration settings.

When running jobs in the foreground, do not navigate away from the current page until the action completes.

Viewing the job manager

In Resource Manager, navigate to ADVANCED > JOBS.

The jobs list displays the following information about jobs:

  • Status—The current status. Jobs with the Retry status have been placed back on the queue (with a delay) for another run.
  • Description—A description of the job.
  • Scheduled—The time at which the job was scheduled to begin.
  • Started / Finished—The beginning and ending timestamps of the job.
  • Created By—The user who created the job.

The lower section of the page displays the log of the job that you select in the list. You can also view the information in the log file.

Stopping and deleting jobs

In Resource Manager, navigate to ADVANCED > JOBS.

To stop a job, select it in the list, and then click Abort.

To remove a job from the system, select it and then click Delete.