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Preparing an appliance-based deployment for update

Before you update your deployment, perform this procedure.

  1. Verify that Resource Manager is operating normally.

    1. Log in to the Control Center browser interface as ccuser.
    2. In the Application column of the Applications table, click Zenoss.resmgr.
    3. Verify that all of the services in the IP Assignments table have valid IP addresses.
    4. Scroll down to the Services table, and then verify that none of the child services have failing health checks.
  2. Check the integrity of Resource Manager databases.

    For more information, see Using Zenoss Toolbox.

  3. Create a backup of Resource Manager.

    Backups can be created with the Control Center backup feature or with the backup feature of your hypervisor.

    Before starting a hypervisor backup, Resource Manager, the Control Center service, and the Control Center master host virtual machine must be shut down cleanly and completely.