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Tuning considerations

Tuning Zenoss Control Center and Resource Manager is a tricky subject due to the many factors that must be considered. For example:

  • CPU core counts, including speed, hyper-threading, etc.
  • RAM capacity and speed
  • Disk size, speed, and technology
  • Managed Resource count
  • The number of components per Managed Resource
  • The number of datasources on each device and component
  • Event counts from active device polling, passive collection (zentrap, etc.), and event collection (i.e., Windows and VMWare event logs)

As such, what follows is to be treated as a series of best-effort recommendations the suitability of which should be considered suspect until tested. The following chart provides some example deployment sizes that we will reference in upcoming pages.

Size Managed Resource Count
Small < 1000
Medium 1000 - 5000
Large 5000 - 10000
XL 10000 - 20000
XXL > 20000

When in doubt, please contact Zenoss Support or Professional Services for guidance.