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Control Center 1.7.0

This page describes the changes in Control Center since release 1.6.5.

Beginning with version 1.4.0, Docker images for Control Center are no longer available on Docker Hub. The images are included in self-installing archive files that are available for download from Zenoss. Likewise, the RPM packages that are required for installations and upgrades are no longer available from Zenoss repositories on the internet, and must be downloaded. However, the Docker images and RPM packages for previous releases are still available from Docker Hub and Zenoss repositories, respectively.

Beginning 1 December 2017, downloads for Zenoss Service Dynamics customers are available on

For more information about Control Center operating environments, see Tested operating environments.

New features

There are no new features in this release, only fixes.

Fixed issues

ID Description
CC-4313 The serviced service run command fails when a service definition includes a RunAs field
CC-4290 serviced does not bind to ports during container startup
CC-4288 The Control Center master can deadlock while scheduling services
CC-4259 Services do not stop cleanly, leading to loss of log data or application data corruption
CC-4256 Backups are failing due to timeout waiting for services

Known issues

ID Description
CC-4213 The zentrap and zensyslog services cannot support load balancing
CC-4077 Service restarts are not included in audit logs
CC-4072 Logstash health checks do not properly verify service health