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Event sources

Events enter the system as follows:

  • Generated events are created as a result of active polling.
  • Captured events are transmitted by external actions into the system.

Generated events

The following standard services generate events. They automatically perform appropriate de-duplication and auto-clearing.

  • zenping - Ping up/down events
  • zenstatus - TCP port up/down events
  • zenperfsnmp - SNMP agent up/down events, threshold events
  • zencommand - Generic status events, threshold events
  • zenprocess - Process up/down events, threshold events
  • zenwin - Windows service up/down events

Captured events

Captured events are those events that the system does not specifically know will occur in advance. De-duplication is performed on these events, but might require tuning. By default, no auto-clearing is done on captured events. Event transforms must be used to create the auto-clear correlations.

The following services collect captured events:

  • zensyslog- Events created from syslog messages.
  • zentrap- Events created from SNMP traps and informs.

ZenPacks that you install might include their own services.