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Edit Service Impact server configuration files

The Service Impact server configuration files are stored in the Infrastructure/Impact container. Zenoss recommends that you edit configurations through the Control Center browser interface, which ensures that changes are preserved and pushed to new containers on restarts.

Use the Control Center browser interface to edit and preserve changes to /opt/zenoss_impact/etc/logback.xml. Modifying logback.xml in the Control Center browser interface requires a restart of the Service Impact service for the logging changes to take effect. If you use the command line to implement logging changes, they are implemented immediately; however, the changes made using the command line are lost when Service Impact is restarted.

To test changes in a pre-production environment, modify configuration file settings directly in the container. When Service Impact is restarted, all settings are returned to their default value.

Follow these steps to edit Service Impact configuration files:

  1. Log in to the Control Center browser interface.
  2. In the Applications table, click Zenoss.resmgr.
  3. Scroll down to the Services list and select Infrastructure/Impact.
  4. Under Configuration Files, click Edit to the right of /opt/zenoss/etc/ The file is displayed in the Edit Configuration window. Note: Modifying properties might change the performance of Service Impact. Before you modify default values, consult Zenoss Support.
  5. Make changes and then click Save.
  6. To activate the changes, restart Service Impact.