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Create summary members for critical paths

Service model members for all of the major network segments are in place. Now consider members to represent the critical paths. To characterize the CRM application as available, the following minimum connections are required:

  • One connection between Internet users and an application server that is UP.
  • One connection between an application server and a database server that is UP.

If entities for these paths existed, we could create the service model member that summarizes the network service for CRM. However, only one segment is defined, by the Routers - Internet subservice. The following paths require an additional subservice each:

  • The path between the routers and the application hosts.
  • The path between the application and database hosts.

  • In the Resource Manager browser interface, select SERVICES > Dynamic Services.

  • In the tree view, open the CRM - Development organizer, and then open and select the Network organizer.
  • Create new service model members for the network paths that affect users.

    Because each subservice is critical, the correct policy for these new service model members is the default policy. The following table matches new and existing service model members.

    New service model member Existing service model members
    Routers - App Hosts App Hosts - Switches, Firewalls - Routers, Switches - Firewalls
    App Hosts - DB Hosts App Hosts - Switches, DB Hosts - Switches

    For detailed instructions, see the preceding steps.