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Resource Manager 6.5.0

This section contains important information about release 6.5.0 of Zenoss Resource Manager (Resource Manager).

New features

The focus of this release is improved zenhub performance and reporting capabilities:

  • The zenhub service now handles device configuration requests more quickly.
  • Enterprise reports includes updated support for organizers.

In addition, the following updates to core components are included in this release:

  • MariaDB is updated to version 10.3.
  • The RelStorage library is updated to version 3.0.
  • The Twisted library is updated to version 19.10.

Finally, the self-monitoring features now include sending notifications when jobs are stuck. An event is sent when there are jobs in the zenjobs (Celery) queue but none have been processed for 10 minutes.

Considerations and workarounds

Compatibility with Zenoss Service Impact

This version of Resource Manager is compatible with Zenoss Service Impact version 5.5.2 or later. All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade Service Impact to the latest version.

Update considerations

Please note the following update considerations:

  • Resource Manager 6.5.0 requires Control Center 1.7.0. Please update Control Center before updating Resource Manager.

  • New for this release: A python script to manage custom MariaDB passwords before updating, which preserves custom passwords.

  • Virtual appliance installation and update files are based on CentOS 7.6 and include Control Center 1.7.0 and Service Impact 5.5.1.

  • Due to the RelStorage library update, the Resource Manager 6.5.0 update process supports only releases 6.4.1, 6.4.0, and 6.3.2. To update earlier releases of Resource Manager to 6.5.0, first update to release 6.4.1.

  • Due to the Twisted library update, the Layer2, OpenStack and OpenStackInfrastructure Zenpacks must be updated to their most recent releases before Resource Manager can be updated to release 6.5.0. Other ZenPacks that use the Twisted library may be affected, too.

  • During updates to release 6.5.0, the following message appears several times during the MariaDB update and can be ignored:

    Error    : Column count of mysql.proc is wrong. Expected 21, found 20. Created with MariaDB 100140, now running 100322. Please use mysql_upgrade to fix this error
    error    : Corrupt

Regular expression matching limitation

(ZEN-29376) Resource Manager uses the Apache Solr search platform, which tokenizes fields. Currently, searching a tokenized field with a regex matches only a single token, limiting complex regex searches.

For example, on the INFRASTRUCTURE page, IP Address is a tokenized field. Regex search ^192.168 will not work to filter only IP addresses that start with 192.168. The Device column is untokenized; regex search on the device name works as expected.

NFS client 4.1 is not supported

A file locking defect might exist in NFS 4.1 with RHEL/CentOS 7.4, which could cause zeneventserver to crash and other DFS-related problems. For more information, see Configuring NFS 4.0 or knowledge base article Potential Issues Running With RHEL 7.4 Or CentOS 7.4.

CentralQuery maximum memory allocation pool

(ZEN-15907) The size of the CentralQuery maximum memory allocation pool is set by the RAMCommitment variable in the CentralQuery service definition. The default value is 1024MB. Do not change the value to anything less than 1024MB.

LDAP authentication

(ZEN-31194) This release includes LDAPAuthenticator v3.3.3, which no longer includes an option to skip SSL certificate verification during installation or upgrade. If you are using a self-signed certificate, upload it before upgrading. For more information, see Adding an SSL certificate.

High-availability deployments

The documentation for this release includes a new publication, the Upgrade Guide for High-Availability Deployments. The document includes procedures for performing an update from recent releases of Control Center and Resource Manager to Control Center 1.7.0 and Resource Manager 6.5.0.

Device re-identification can slow or hang the system

(ZEN-32859, ZEN-31163) Re-identifying a device can cause the OpenTSDB reader service to open many connections to OpenTSDB, which in turn can slow or hang the system. This issue occurs when the re-identification is initiated through both the API and the browser interface. To prevent the issue, do not retain performance data when re-identifying devices.

Installation considerations

On installation, the OpenTSDB database now uses 4 bytes instead of 3 bytes for the UID field. This means that

  • the maximum number of data points (metric values) the database can store is now greater than 4.2 billion, up from approximately 16.7 million
  • the database requires more storage space (approximately 1 byte more per stored data point)

Updates from previous releases do not get the larger field size; only new installations.

Deprecation notice

In a future release of Resource Manager, the visualization features of the DynamicView ZenPack will be deprecated (removed). For example, the component relationships of a device will not be visualized.

Tested operating environments

The Resource Manager application is deployed in and managed by Control Center. The operating environments of Resource Manager are the Control Center environments that are tested with a given release. The following sections identify the tested operating environments of Resource Manager and Control Center.

Resource Manager, Control Center, and operating systems

The following table identifies the tested combinations of Resource Manager, Control Center, and operating system releases.

Resource Manager release Control Center Minimum release Host OS
6.5.0 1.7.0, 1.8.0 RHEL/CentOS 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7, 7.8 (64-bit)


Hypervisor Versions
VMware vSphere 5.0, 5.1, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5
Microsoft Hyper-V Version 2.0 with Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
Microsoft Hyper-V Version 3.0 with Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2

Public cloud platforms

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is fully tested.

Microsoft Azure has been tested only for collector pools. Creating a full Control Center deployment to operate Resource Manager has NOT been tested on Microsoft Azure.

Fixed issues

ID Description
ZEN-32882 Maintenance windows for ComponentGroups can leave components in incorrect production state
ZEN-32649 Similar database metrics of the RM Monitor data type get incorrect data point values
ZEN-32626 Snapshots and backups fail when mariadb-model and mariadb-events passwords do not match
ZEN-32619 The metrics of the zenhub service become inaccurate over time
ZEN-32596 Update fails if custom database passwords are in use
ZEN-32595 The MariaDB service definition causes startup/shutdown, logging and upgrade issues
ZEN-32582 Event summaries that contain angle bracket characters are not properly displayed
Services do not stop cleanly, leading to loss of log data or application data corruption
ZEN-32561 Unable to export the event archive to a CSV file
ZEN-32560 Unable to initiate device modeling from browser if device name includes the space character
ZEN-32559 The zenmodeler service hangs when it attempts to model a non-existent device organizer
ZEN-32558 The zenpop3 service hangs with passing health checks when it receives a login failure
The zenhub service's performance degrades over time
ZEN-32525 The MetricConsumer service eventually consumes all of the CPU resource
ZEN-32508 Some Enterprise Reports > Organizer Graphs do not display data
ZEN-32504 Unable to create a new logical hub by cloning
ZEN-32496 OpenTSDB is limited to 16,777,215 UIDs
ZEN-32473 MariaDB commit locks written for relstorage 2.0 do not work with MariaDB 10.1
ZEN-32418 Unable to view specific metrics when manipulating a graph
ZEN-32417 The zenhub service hangs on large requests for device configurations from workers
ZEN-32401 The zenping service uses the wrong configuration file when invoked with --ping-backend
Update occasionally fails to migrate the zenhubworker service definition
Log messages in zencommand service log indicate missed runs
The Site Window portlet does not show graphs
ZEN-32181 Unable to monitor Azure account
ZEN-32175 Traceback when modeling Linux devices
ZEN-32165 The zenhubworker services wait too long to reconnect to the zenhub service
ZEN-32097 Containers include pyraw, which is vulnerable to privilege escalation attacks (pyraw removed)
ZEN-32015 The zentrap service blocks the collectorCalls queue with useless createUser messages
ZEN-31238 Unable to monitor MariaDB services when custom passwords are in use
ZEN-22183 In Enterprise Reports, Organizer Graphs are not displayed

Known issues

ID Description
Re-identifying a device can cause the OpenTSDB reader service to open many connections
ZEN-32385 The ssh client does not handle timeouts gracefully
ZEN-30767 SNMP v3 traps displays as v2 traps in events
ZEN-29210 Jobs started by ZenJobs are stalling and blocking other jobs

Installed ZenPacks

This section lists ZenPacks that are automatically installed, those that are packaged but not installed, and those that are obsolete and should be uninstalled. For more information about ZenPacks, see the ZenPack Catalog.

This release of Resource Manager installs the following ZenPacks at the current version listed in the table.


AdvancedSearch 2.0.1 Same
AixMonitor 2.2.3 Same
ApacheMonitor 2.1.4 Same
AuditLog 1.4.1 Same
AWS 5.0.1 4.1.1
CalculatedPerformance 2.5.2 2.5.1
CiscoMonitor 5.11.1 5.10.0
CiscoUCS 3.0.2 2.8.1
ComponentGroups 1.8.0 Same
ControlCenter 1.6.2 Same
Dashboard 1.3.10 1.3.8
Dell.PowerEdge 3.0.1 3.0.0
Diagram 1.3.2 Same
DistributedCollector 3.1.10 3.1.9
DnsMonitor 3.0.1 Same
Docker 2.0.4 Same
DurationThreshold 2.0.5 Same
DynamicView † 1.7.1 Same
EMC.base 2.1.1 2.1.0
EnterpriseCollector 1.9.0 Same
EnterpriseReports 2.6.0 2.5.0
EnterpriseSecurity 1.2.0 Same
EnterpriseSkin 3.3.5 Same
HP.Proliant 3.3.5 3.3.2
HttpMonitor 3.1.0 Same
IBM.Power 1.2.0 1.1.3
InstalledTemplatesReport 1.1.2 Same
JuniperMonitor 2.1.1 Same
LDAPAuthenticator 3.3.4 3.3.3
LDAPMonitor 1.4.2 Same
Licensing 0.3.0 Same
LinuxMonitor 2.3.3 Same
Microsoft.Azure 2.1.0 2.0.0
Microsoft.Windows 2.9.4 Same
MySqlMonitor 3.1.0 Same
NetAppMonitor 4.0.0 Same
NtpMonitor 3.0.0 Same
PredictiveThreshold 1.3.0 Same
PropertyMonitor 1.1.1 Same
PythonCollector 1.11.0 1.10.1
RMMonitor 1.2.1 1.1.2
SolarisMonitor 2.5.2 Same
StorageBase 1.4.4 1.4.3
SupportBundle 1.1.2 Same
vSphere 4.0.3 4.0.2
WBEM 3.0.0 2.1.0
WSMAN 1.0.5 1.0.4
ZenDeviceACL 2.3.0 Same
ZenJMX 3.12.1 Same
ZenMail 5.1.0 Same
ZenOperatorRole 2.2.0 Same
ZenPackLib 2.1.2 2.1.1
ZenSQLTx 2.7.1 Same
ZenWebTx 3.0.3 Same

† In a future release of Resource Manager, the visualization features of the DynamicView ZenPack will be deprecated (removed). For example, the component relationships of a device will not be visualized.

Packaged ZenPacks

The following ZenPacks are packaged with Resource Manager, but not automatically installed:

  • BigIpMonitor
  • Ceph
  • CiscoAPIC
  • DB2
  • DatabaseMonitor
  • FtpMonitor
  • GoogleCloudPlatform
  • HpuxMonitor
  • JBossMonitor
  • Kubernetes
  • Layer2
  • Memcached
  • Microsoft.Exchange
  • Microsoft.Lync
  • Microsoft.MSMQ
  • NSX
  • NetScaler
  • NetScreenMonitor
  • OpenStack
  • OpenStackInfrastructure
  • OpenvSwitch
  • PostgreSQL
  • RabbitMQ
  • TomcatMonitor
  • XenServer

Obsolete ZenPacks

ZenMailTX is obsolete. If this ZenPack is installed at your site, remove it.