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Dynamic view of devices

The dynamic view of devices shows the relationship between a device and monitored components.

To access the dynamic view for a device:

  1. From INFRASTRUCTURE > DEVICES, click a device in the device list. The device overview page appears.
  2. Select Dynamic View in the left panel.

Dynamic view of Cisco UCS devices

On Cisco UCS devices, the dynamic view shows the components and relationships that make up a Cisco UCS domain. The following list describes the components that are listed in the Dynamic View for various types of UCS devices:

  • UCS Classic
    • UCS Domains
    • UCS Fabric Interconnects
    • UCS Fabric Ports
    • UCS IO Cards
    • UCS Fabric Extenders
    • UCS Chassis
    • UCS Blades
    • UCS Racks
    • UCS Service Profiles (only those bound to servers)
  • UCS Mini
    • UCS Domains
    • UCS FI-IO Modules
    • UCS Chassis
    • UCS Blades
    • UCS Service Profiles (only those bound to servers)

Dynamic view of VMware hosts

On VMware Hosts (ESX servers), the dynamic view shows the relative VMware elements that are connected to the host, such as:

  • VMs that currently are running on the Host

  • Data stores that are mounted by the Host

  • Clusters to which the Host belongs

Dynamic view of storage devices

Storage devices such as NetApp Filers have two dynamic views:

  • Physical Storage View - Shows the device's storage enclosures and associated hard disks.
  • Logical Storage View - Shows the logical storage arrangement that the storage device presents, such as file systems and RAID groups.