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Service Impact 5.5.2

The primary focus of this release is improving the graph update process.


For version information, please see the compatibility matrix on the Release Notes page.

Known issues

  • Before release 5.4.5, adding a dynamic service was very quick, because the Service Impact database included all of the devices and components in the ZODB. Now, Service Impact creates a background job to copy the devices and components it requires, which can take a few minutes to complete. Scripts that utilize the Service Impact JSON API must be updated to wait for the job to complete before proceeding.
  • When you change the metatype configuration, the Service Impact database is updated to add or remove nodes. Depending on which items are changed, processing the changes can take 30-90 minutes in very large environments.
  • (IMP-740) During a graph update, the zenimpactgraph script creates one worker process for each available CPU core. Each worker requires up to 2GB of main memory. Without it, the host where the update is running may become unstable.
  • (ZEN-31885) Occasionally, graph update fails with traceback ModelCatalogError: Exception performing search. The workaround is to re-run the update.
  • After installing one or more ZenPacks that have updated relationship providers, rebuild the graph. For more information, see Rebuilding the graph database.
  • (IMP-836) After a metatype configuration change, related service events are not cleared. To work around the issue, remove and then re-add the dynamic service.

Fixed issues

ID Description
Graph updates cannot be run while Collection Zone is running and can cause inconsistencies or remove nodes that should not be removed.
The fields of the Custom State Policy dialog can be populated with invalid contents.

Links from Impact Dashboard Portlets to Impact Service do not work properly.

IMP-849 Links to Dynamic Services on the Service Impact Overview page do not work.
IMP-838 Changing the metatype configuration to exclude Cisco Temperature Sensor components does not remove all the components.
IMP-837 Displaying the graph of a service with many components in Impact view results in an error.
IMP-832 It is possible to save a Custom State Provider with empty fields.