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serviced log export

The serviced log export command exports application log files from Logstash for one or more services based on service identifier or service name. By default, the command exports a tar archive file, which contains a separate log file for each unique combination of container and log file name, and an index file summarizing the log files.


serviced log export [arguments...]


--from Date

The start date, in format. The default is yesterday's date.

--to Date

The end date, in format. The default is today's date.

--service Service [--service Service] ...

The name or ID of one or more services. By default, all child services are included.

--file Path [--file Path] ...

The path or paths of one or more application logs to export.

--out Path

The location for the output file. The default is the current directory.


Display diagnostic messages. In addition, you may need to enable INFO messages in the serviced log configuration file. For more information, see Enabling serviced debug messages.

--group-by Group

Group the results. The value of Group can be container, service, or day.


Do not export child services.


Display the help message.


serviced log export --service zope --service zenhub --group-by day \
  --from 2017.05.01 --to 2017.05.31 --out /tmp