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Editing a connection to configure static IPv4 addressing

The default configuration for network connections is DHCP. To configure static IPv4 addressing, perform this procedure.

To navigate in the text user interface (TUI):

  • To move forward or backward through options, press the arrow keys.
  • To display a menu or choose an option, press Enter.

Follow these steps:

  1. Gain access to the Control Center host, through the console interface of your hypervisor, or through a remote shell utility such as PuTTY.
  2. Log in as the root user.

  3. In the Appliance Administration menu, select Configure Network and DNS, and then press Enter This step starts the NetworkManager TUI.

  4. On the NetworkManager TUI menu, select Edit a connection, and then press Enter.

    The TUI displays the connections that are available on the host.

    Note: Do not use this procedure to modify the docker0 connection.

  5. Select the virtual connection, and then press Enter.

  6. Optional: If the IPv4 CONFIGURATION area is not visible, select its display option (<Show>), and then press Enter.

  7. In the IPv4 CONFIGURATION area, select <Automatic>, and then press Enter.

  8. Configure static IPv4 networking as follows:

    1. Select Manual, and then press Enter.
    2. Beside Addresses, select <Add>, and then press Enter.
    3. In the Addresses field, enter an IPv4 address for the virtual machine, and then press Enter.
    4. Repeat the preceding two steps for the Gateway and DNS servers fields.
  9. Tab to the bottom of the Edit Connection screen to select OK, and then press Enter.
  10. On the NetworkManager TUI screen, select Quit, and then press Enter. This step returns control to the Appliance Administration menu.
  11. Reboot the operating system:
    1. In the Appliance Administration menu, select Reboot / Poweroff System.
    2. Select Reboot.
    3. Select OK, and then press Enter.