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Control Center maintenance scripts

The scripts in the following list are installed when Control Center is installed, and are started either daily or weekly by anacron.

Script Description Leave installed on hosts in this pool?
Master Resource Manager Collector
/etc/cron.hourly/serviced This script invokes logrotate hourly, to manage the files in /var/log/serviced. Yes No No

This script invokes fstrim weekly, to reclaim unused blocks in the application data thin pool.

The life span of a solid-state drive (SSD) degrades when fstrim is run too frequently. If the block storage of the
application data thin pool is an SSD, you can reduce the frequency at which this script is invoked, as long as the
thin pool never runs out of free space. An identical copy of this script is located in /opt/serviced/bin.

Yes No No

This script invokes /opt/serviced/bin/serviced-zenossdbpack, the database maintenance script for
Resource Manager, every Sunday at midnight. If Resource Manager is not installed or is offline, the command fails.
You can change the day of the week and time of day when the maintenance script is invoked by
editing /etc/cron.d/cron_zenossdbpack.

This script is required on one host in the resource pool in which the Resource Manager database services run.

Multi-host: No

Single-host: Yes

Remove from
all but one host