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addComponentsToGroup(targetUid, uids)
removeComponentsFromGroup(targetUid, uids)
getComponents(**sort, **uid, **keys, **start, **limit, **params, **page, **dir) Retrieves a list of components. This method supports pagination.

@type uid: string
@param uid: Unique identifier of the organizer to get devices from
@type start: integer
@param start: (optional) Offset to return the results from; used in
pagination (default: 0)
@type params: dictionary
@param params: (optional) Key-value pair of filters for this search.
@type limit: integer
@param limit: (optional) Number of items to return; used in pagination
(default: 50)
@type sort: string
@param sort: (optional) Key on which to sort the return results (default:
@type dir: string
@param dir: (optional) Sort order; can be either 'ASC' or 'DESC'
(default: 'ASC')
@rtype: DirectResponse
@return: B{Properties}:
- devices: (list) Dictionaries of Component properties
- totalCount: (integer) Number of Component returned
- hash: (string) Hashcheck of the current device state (to check
whether Components have changed since last query)