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Production states and maintenance windows

Production state determines the level of monitoring and alerting applied to an individual device. Typically, alerting rules specify that the system will monitor and create events for devices that are in the "Production" production state.

Maintenance windows are planned time periods used to temporarily modify alerting rules so that event-generated alerts are temporarily halted during the window.

Production states

Production state determines whether a device is monitored, and can be used to control several elements of the event system, such as whether an event will produce a remote alert (email or page).

Choose a production state for a device based on whether you want:

  • The device to be monitored
  • The device to appear on the dashboard
  • Alerting to occur

The following table lists production states and their characteristics.

Production state Devices monitored? Appear on dashboard?
Production yes yes
Pre-Production yes no
Test yes no
Maintenance yes may appear
Decommissioned no no

When you add a device to the system, its default state is Production. You may want to add triggers and notifications to alert you to various conditions that occur in the system, such as production state changes or a severity level being reached. For example, you can set up a trigger when a device is in either a production or a maintenance state and has a severity of Error or higher. You can then notify users when this trigger condition is met.

Setting the production state for a device

To set the production state for a device:

  1. Click a device name in the list of devices. The Device Overview page appears.
  2. Select a production state from the list of options, and then click Save.