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getCloudWatchNamespaces(uid, region) Returns dict of available CloudWatch namespaces and metrics
get_billing_overview_data(uid) Returns total estimated charges for device overview page
getExpensesGraphDefs(uid, **drange) Returns graphs for Expenses Analysis page
getAWSTagNames(uid, **query) Returns list of available AWS tags
getAccounts() List UIDs for EC2 Accounts
removeAWSTagFromCharts(uid, tag_id, graph_id) Removes AWS tag charts from Expenses Graphs page
removeAWSTagFilter(uids, **remove_groups) Removes AWS Tag Filter from UI
getAWSTagFilterComponents(**sort, **uid, **keys, **start, **meta_type, **limit, **dir, **page, **types, **name) Retrieves AWS components filtered by given AWS Tag Filter
add_ec2account(accountid, devicename, accesskey, secretkey, contextUid, collector)
findMissingGuestDevices(uid) Reset Guest Device ID cache for account and rerun discover_guests
setDeviceClassInfo(uid, **windows, **linux)
getStacks(uid, region, name, tags) Returns list of CloudFormation Stacks.
getStacksDetails(uids) Returns CloudFormation Resources for each Stack.
addAWSTagFilter(uid, label, expression, **link_with_group) Adds new AWS Tag Filter to UI
getAWSTagFilters(uid, **query) Returns list of AWS tag filters
addAWSTagToCharts(uid, tag_id, graph_id) Adds AWS tag charts to Expenses Graphs page
getRegionNames(uid) Returns list of available regions for device