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Patching a Linux modeling issue

In a small number of environments, Zenoss Support has observed that Linux modeling runs can fail with tracebacks that end in KeyError: 'rebuild' (ZEN-32175). Installing this patch is optional, because you may not experience the failure. You can install it at any time.

Perform this procedure after installing (or updating to) Resource Manager 6.4.1.

This patch is only for Resource Manager 6.4.1. Do not install it in prior or subsequent releases.

Follow these steps:

  1. Download the ZEN-32175.patch file from the Resource Manager 6.4.1 folder on Customers can request permission to gain access to by filing a ticket at the Zenoss Support site.

  2. Copy the file to a directory the Control Center master host.

  3. Log in to the Control Center master host as a user with serviced CLI privileges.

  4. Create a directory for the patch file, if one does not already exist.

    test -d /tmp/rmpatch || mkdir /tmp/rmpatch
  5. Move the ZEN-32175.patch file into the new directory.

  6. Set global read-write-execute permissions on the directory and its contents.

    chmod -R 0777 /tmp/rmpatch
  7. Change directory to the rmpatch directory.

    cd /tmp/rmpatch
  8. Start an interactive shell in a new Zope container as user zenoss. The following invocation also saves the Zope container with the name ZEN-32175:

    serviced service shell -i -s ZEN-32175 zope su - zenoss
  9. Change directory to /opt/zenoss.

    cd /opt/zenoss
  10. Copy the patch file to /opt/zenoss.

    cp /mnt/pwd/ZEN-32175.patch .
  11. Patch the system.

    patch -p0 < ZEN-32175.patch

    On success, the patch utility displays the following output:

    patching file Products/DataCollector/ApplyDataMap/
    patching file Products/DataCollector/ApplyDataMap/tests/
    patching file Products/ZenEvents/

    If you do not see the preceding output, do not complete this procedure. Contact Zenoss Support.

  12. Exit the Zope container.

  13. Commit the Zope container.

    serviced snapshot commit ZEN-32175
  14. Restart Resource Manager.

    serviced service restart Zenoss.resmgr