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How to read zenhub log messages

The log of the zenhub service contains tags that are easily searched (but are not indexed by logstash). These tags are:

  • worker: Identifies the worker in the form of worklist-name_instance-id. For example, "default_0" which identifies the "zenhubworker (default)" service instance 0.
  • service: Names the service that will be executed.
  • method: Names the method on the service that will be executed.
  • id: Identifies the specific request to execute the service method.
  • status: Either success or failed.
  • duration: Number of seconds taken to execute the method.
  • lifetime: Number of seconds from the point the call was received until the result was returned to the original caller (typically a collection service).
  • waited: Number of seconds the call waited in the worklist before executing.

The following, common log messages are associated with service methods:

  • A "Receive task" message is written when a request to execute a service method is received by zenhub.
  • The "Begin task" and "Retry task" messages are written when zenhub instructs a zenhubworker to execute a service method. The "Retry task" message also indicates that a previous attempt to execute the service method did not complete (that is, failed for reasons unrelated to the service method itself).
  • The "Completed task" message is written a zenhubworker returns a result from the service method execution. The status tag will indicate whether the method succeeded or failed.

Example log message:

2019-06-12 12:38:53,966 INFO zen.zenhub.server.WorkerPoolExecutor: \
Completed task service=ModelerService method=getThresholdClasses \
id=9a47fba04d424c15b756ff599fea24a9 worker=default_0 status=success \
duration=0.02 lifetime=0.03
# Line breaks added for legibility