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Control Center 1.5.1

Beginning with version 1.4.0, Docker images for Control Center are no longer available on Docker Hub. The images are included in self-installing archive files that are available for download from Zenoss. Likewise, the RPM packages that are required for installations and upgrades are no longer available from Zenoss repositories on the internet, and must be downloaded. However, the Docker images and RPM packages for previous releases are still available from Docker Hub and Zenoss repositories, respectively.

Beginning 1 December 2017, downloads for Zenoss Service Dynamics customers are available on

New features

Configurable service restart thresholds

(CC-4100) Restart thresholds are available to manage services. In the Control Center browser interface, you can edit the service to specify a value in the new field Restart when memory usage exceeds % of requested RAM. When your threshold is reached, the service restarts automatically.

For more information about how this feature can be used, see the release notes for Resource Manager 6.2.1.

Fixed issues

ID Description
CC-3367 The login page does not display the Control Center version.
CC-3766 Error message about locking services does not include enough information to trace the cause.
CC-3893 The logstash filebeat agent does not release file handles and container fills and crashes.
CC-3909 Upgrade process reports aborting but continues to completion when thin pool metadata size is too small.
CC-3926 Missing container not detected when a service is down.
CC-3937 Control Center does not export the same graph data it displays in its browser interface.
CC-3959 Setting a non-default value for SERVICED_UI_PORT breaks compatibility with Zenoss Resource Manager.
CC-3964 Users who are members of more than 99 groups are unable to log in to browser interface.
CC-3997 Pre-upgrade script fails to parse output of lvs command.
CC-4000 The permissions on OpenTSDB files on the Control Center master host are too open.
CC-4082 Log messages do not include the current resource pool timeout value.
CC-4100 Add restart thresholds. For more information, see New features.

Known issues

ID Description
CC-4039 rpcbind fails to start when IPv6 is disabled. For more information, see Notes and workarounds.

Notes and workarounds

CC-4039: rpcbind fails to start when IPv6 is disabled

Disabling IPv6 can prevent the NFS server from restarting, due to an rpcbind issue. Zenoss recommends leaving IPv6 enabled on the Control Center master host.