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Command-line interface reference

This section contains information about and procedures for using the Control Center command-line interface (CLI). The CLI uses the same application programming interface (API) that the browser interface uses. To perform many actions, you can use either interface.

Invoking serviced

To use serviced, you need a login account on hosts in Control Center pools. The account must be a member of the docker group.

You can invoke serviced from the Control Center master host or a delegate host. For example, to list the services running on the master host, enter the following command:

serviced service list

To invoke serviced on a delegate host, you can specify the master host and port by using the --endpoint global option. Replace Master-Host with the hostname or IP address of the Control Center master host.


serviced --endpoint Master-Host:4979 service list

To commit a container, you must run a serviced CLI session on the Control Center master host.