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Removing an Analytics installation

To remove an installation of Analytics that was installed by RPM on a separate server:

  1. Remove the ZenETL ZenPack from the Resource Manager master:

    1. Log in to the Control Center browser interface.

    2. Stop Resource Manager by clicking Stop in the Actions column for Zenoss.resmgr.

    3. In the Stop Services dialog, click Stop Services.

    4. Display the child services of Resource Manager to ensure they have stopped.

      In the Application column of the Applications table, click Zenoss.resmgr, then scroll down to the Services table. Stopped services have a grey circle icon in the Status column.

    5. Create a snapshot of the Resource Manager service by logging in to the Control Center master host as a user with serviced CLI privileges. Execute the following command to create a snapshot.

      serviced service snapshot Zenoss.resmgr

      The snapshot ID is displayed upon completion.

    6. Restart the following required services.

      • ZooKeeper
      • The modelling and event database services:
        • mariadb-events
        • mariadb-model
      • memcached
      • RabbitMQ
      • redis
      • zencatalogservice
      • zeneventserver
      • Zope

      Note: In the Services table, the Failing icon (a red circle with an exclamation point) in the Status column represents the cumulative result of one or more customized health checks. To view the status of individual health checks, move the pointer over the icon, which displays a pop-up. When the Failing icon is present, a service is unable to support the normal operations of Resource Manager. For this task, the Zope health checks includes failing health checks of zproxy_answering, which does not affect this procedure.

    7. Remove the ZenPacks.zenoss.ZenETL ZenPack by executing the following command.

      serviced service run zope zenpack-manager uninstall ZenPacks.zenoss.ZenETL
  2. In the Control Center browser interface, restart Resource Manager.

  3. Log in to the Analytics server and change to the root user:

    su - root
  4. Stop the Analytics server:

    service zenoss_analytics stop
  5. Remove the Analytics program files:

    rpm -e zenoss_analytics-version-build                     

    This command removes the program files, but does not remove configuration, log files, data files, or databases.

To remove configuration files, enter:

rm -rf /etc/zenoss_analytics

To remove data and log files, enter:

rm -rf /opt/zenoss_analytics

To remove databases (this will erase all your data), enter the following command as the root user:

mysql -u root -e 'drop database reporting; drop database zenoss_analytics';