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addCiscoUCS(host, username, password, **ucstype, **useSSL, **collector, **port)
getUidForDn(dn, **manager_name, **manager_address) Return Zenoss UID given a UCS Manager DN and qualifiers.

manager_name and manager_address are optional, but it is highly
recommended to use one or the other as Zenoss could be managing
multiple UCS Manager instances that have resources with
overlapping DNs.

If an ambiguous DN is specified, the UID for one of them will be
getRelatedObjects(**sort, **methodname, **uid, **keys, **start, **meta_type, **limit, **page, **dir, **name) Return list of objects resulting from calling methodname on uid.

This method is intended to behave much like DeviceRouter.getComponents
with the major difference being that it doesn't use a path prefix
search. It only calls the specified method to return objects.

This is useful in cases where you don't want a full recursive list of
matching components by meta_type.