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Resource Manager 6.7.0

This section contains important information about release 6.7.0 of Zenoss Resource Manager (Resource Manager).

New or updated features

This update includes the following performance, reliability, and usability enhancements:

  • With this release, the following updated services are distributed in separate Docker images:
    • Memcached is updated to version 1.6.14.
    • Redis is updated to version 5.0.7.
    • RabbitMQ service is updated to version 3.8.30.
  • Embedded databases and other enabling technologies are updated:
    • MariaDB is updated to version 10.3.34.
    • Solr is upgraded to version 8.11.1.
    • Log4j is updated to version 2.17.1.
    • Nginx is updated to version 1.21.6.

Deprecation notice

In a future release of Resource Manager, the appliance packages for new installations of Zenoss Service Dynamics will be retired (no longer available). However, update packages for existing appliances will be provided.

This deprecation notice describes a future Resource Manager release, which may change as product development plans or customer requirements change. For more information, please contact your Zenoss representative.

Update considerations

Please note the following update considerations:

  • The update process includes a rebuild of the Solr catalog.
  • The base CentOS layer used in all Docker images no longer includes Nagios plugins.

Tested operating environments

The Resource Manager application is deployed in and managed by Control Center. The operating environments of Resource Manager are the Control Center environments that are tested with a given release. The following sections identify the tested operating environments of Resource Manager and Control Center.

Resource Manager, Control Center, and operating systems

The following table identifies the tested combinations of Resource Manager, Control Center, and operating system releases.

Resource Manager release Control Center
Minimum release Host OS
6.7.0 1.10.2

CentOS 7.9 (64-bit)

RHEL 8.6 (64 bit)


Hypervisor Versions
VMware vSphere 5.0, 5.1, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5
Microsoft Hyper-V Version 2.0 with Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
Microsoft Hyper-V Version 3.0 with Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2

Public cloud platforms

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is fully tested.

Microsoft Azure has been tested only for collector pools. Creating a full Control Center deployment to operate Resource Manager has NOT been tested on Microsoft Azure.

Fixed issues

ID Description
ZEN-28577 The zencommand service sends an event with a empty summary on SSH connection failure
ZEN-32502 Triggers occasionally fail to load or save notification contents
ZEN-32584 Actions during maintenance windows are not recorded in audit log
Clickjacking and stored XSS vulnerabilities
ZEN-33714 Passwords for email notifications are not hashed in the audit log
ZEN-33745 Vulnerabilities in nginx
ZEN-33755 Solr logs INFO messages when set to WARN, filling disk
Daylight savings time not supported when localizing times
User with only ZenManager role (no global role) at administered object is unable to perform actions
ZEN-33831 Event class mapping names do not support full stop characters
ZEN-33832 Setting "_add=False" on ObjectMaps prevents them from being applied
ZEN-33833 Unable to acknowledge events
ZEN-33834 Random failed emails with <class 'socket.error'>
ZEN-33835 Filtering Infrastructure view on production state returns incorrect results
ZEN-33838 Trigger and Notification forms are unreadable when the "Everyone can view" option is enabled
ZEN-33839 UnicodeDecodeError during ApplyDataMap displays a full traceback
ZEN-33856 Remote code execution vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-44832) in Solr/Log4j
ZEN-33971 Longer text in graph legend results in dropped first word
ZEN-33995 always reports "Unable to send event"
ZEN-34014 XSS vulnerability in RabbitMQ
ZEN-34060 zencommand tasks stuck in FETCH_DATA state after network or DNS outage

zenmail is unable to parse From address if it includes newline characters

ZEN-34068 ADM transaction retries fail in bizarre ways (without logging)
ZEN-34069 Zenbatch matches against device id, not the full device path
ZEN-34076 Date/Time filtering not working when State Change column is present (Events)

Installed ZenPacks

This section lists ZenPacks that are automatically installed, those that are packaged but not installed, and those that are obsolete and should be uninstalled. For more information about ZenPacks, see the ZenPack catalog.

This release of Resource Manager installs the following ZenPacks at the current version listed in the table.


AdvancedSearch 2.0.1 Same
AixMonitor 2.2.3 Same
ApacheMonitor 2.1.4 Same
AuditLog 1.4.1 Same
AWS 5.1.1 Same
CalculatedPerformance 2.5.2 Same
CiscoMonitor 6.0.0 5.12.0
CiscoUCS 3.0.2 Same
ComponentGroups 1.8.0 Same
ControlCenter 1.6.2 Same
Dashboard 1.3.13 1.3.12
Dell.PowerEdge 3.0.1 Same
Diagram 1.3.2 Same
DistributedCollector 3.1.11 Same
DnsMonitor 3.0.1 Same
Docker 2.1.1 2.0.5
DurationThreshold 2.0.5 Same
DynamicView 2.0.0 Same
EMC.base 2.1.1 Same
EnterpriseCollector 1.9.0 Same
EnterpriseReports 2.6.0 Same
EnterpriseSecurity 1.2.0 Same
EnterpriseSkin 3.3.5 Same
HP.Proliant 3.3.5 Same
HttpMonitor 3.1.2 3.1.0
IBM.Power 1.2.0 Same
InstalledTemplatesReport 1.1.2 Same
JuniperMonitor 2.1.1 Same
LDAPAuthenticator 3.3.4 Same
LDAPMonitor 1.4.2 Same
Licensing 0.3.0 Same
LinuxMonitor 2.3.3 Same
Microsoft.Azure 2.2.1 Same
Microsoft.Windows 3.0.2 2.9.4
MySqlMonitor 3.1.0 Same
NetAppMonitor 4.1.0 Same
NtpMonitor 3.0.0 Same
PredictiveThreshold 1.3.0 Same
PropertyMonitor 1.1.1 Same
PythonCollector 1.11.1 1.11.0
RMMonitor 1.2.2 1.2.1
SolarisMonitor 2.5.2 Same
StorageBase 1.4.4 Same
SupportBundle 1.1.2 Same
vSphere 4.1.2 4.1.0
WBEM 3.0.0 Same
WSMAN 1.0.5 Same
ZenDeviceACL 2.3.0 Same
ZenJMX 3.14.0 3.13.0
ZenMail 5.1.0 Same
ZenOperatorRole 2.3.0 Same
ZenPackLib 2.1.2 Same
ZenSQLTx 2.7.1 Same
ZenWebTx 3.0.5 3.0.4

Packaged ZenPacks

The following ZenPacks are packaged with Resource Manager, but not automatically installed:

  • BigIpMonitor
  • Ceph
  • CiscoAPIC
  • DB2
  • DatabaseMonitor
  • FtpMonitor
  • GoogleCloudPlatform
  • HpuxMonitor
  • JBossMonitor
  • Kubernetes
  • Layer2
  • Memcached
  • Microsoft.Exchange
  • Microsoft.Lync
  • Microsoft.MSMQ
  • NSX
  • NetScaler
  • NetScreenMonitor
  • OpenStack
  • OpenStackInfrastructure
  • OpenvSwitch
  • PostgreSQL
  • RabbitMQ
  • TomcatMonitor
  • XenServer

Obsolete ZenPacks

ZenMailTX is obsolete. If this ZenPack is installed at your site, remove it.