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LDAP configuration requirements

Before configuring LDAP authentication, gather the following information from your LDAP or Active Directory administrator.

  • For Active Directory authentication, the host name or IP address of an Active Directory global catalog server.
  • For other LDAP server authentication, the host name or IP address of an LDAP server.
  • Distinguished name of a manager user in the domain administrators group (Manager DN).
  • Password for the Manager DN (Manager password).
  • User's base distinguished name (Users Base DN)
  • The distinguished name for the branch of your LDAP database that contains group records (Groups Base DN). These group records are of the LDAP class "groupOfUniqueNames," and the entry CN attribute constitutes the group name.
  • Optionally, Active Directory groups to map to Resource Manager roles.

Accessing the LDAP configuration wizard

You can configure LDAP authentication at initial setup, or from the Settings area of the Resource Manager browser interface. Use one of the following methods to start the LDAP configuration wizard:

  • While in the setup wizard, at Step 2: Specify or Discover Devices to Monitor, click LDAP Setup (located at the bottom right of the wizard panel).
  • From the browser interface, choose ADVANCED > LDAP and then click Add.