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Updating the Dashboard ZenPack

The version of the Dashboard ZenPack that is packaged with Resource Manager 6.4.1 makes the URLs of dashboard portlets invalid (ZEN-32191). To avoid this issue, upgrade the Dashboard ZenPack to version 1.3.9 before upgrading your deployments to 6.4.1.

To perform this procedure, you need the updated Dashboard ZenPack, which is available on Customers can request permission to download files by filing a ticket at the Zenoss Support site.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your workstation and start a web browser.
  2. Download the ZenPack to install or update from The ZenPack egg file is in the folder that contains Resource Manager 6.4.1 files.
  3. Copy the ZenPack egg file from your workstation to a directory on the Control Center master host.
  4. Log in to the Control Center master host as a user with serviced CLI privileges.
  5. Place the file in a temporary directory on the master host.
    1. Create a directory for the ZenPack egg file. The directory must be local (not mounted).The following command creates a directory in /tmp:

      test -d /tmp/zenpack || mkdir /tmp/zenpack
    2. Move or copy the ZenPack file to the new directory.

    3. Set global read-write-execute permissions on the directory and its contents:

      chmod -R 0777 /tmp/zenpack
  6. Create a snapshot:
    serviced service snapshot Zenoss.resmgr
    On completion, the serviced command returns the ID of the new snapshot. If the installation of a ZenPack fails, you can restore the snapshot created in this step. For more information about restoring a snapshot, see Creating snapshots and rolling back.
  7. Change directory to the directory in which the ZenPack egg file is located.
    cd /tmp/zenpack
  8. Install the ZenPack:
    serviced service run zope zenpack-manager install ZenPacks.zenoss.Dashboard-1.3.9-py2.7.egg
  9. Restart all Zenoss services:
    serviced service restart Zenoss.resmgr/Zenoss