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Understanding event classes

Event classes are a simple organizational structure for the different types of events that the system generates and receives. This organization is useful for driving alerting and reporting. You can, for example, create an alerting rule that sends you an email or pages you when the availability of a Web site or page is affected by filtering on the /Status/Web event class.

Following is a subset of the default event classes. You can create additional event classes as needed.

  • /App - Application-related events.
  • /Change - Events created when the system finds changes in your environment.
  • /Perf - Used for performance threshold events.
    • /Perf/CPU - CPU utilization events
    • /Perf/Memory - Memory utilization or paging events
    • /Perf/Interface - Network interface utilization events
    • /Perf/Filesystem - File system usage events
  • /Status - Used for events affecting availability.
    • /Status/Ping - Ping up/down events
    • /Status/Snmp - SNMP up/down events
    • /Status/Web - Web site or page up/down events
  • /ZenossRM - Resource Manager system events, including key metrics for nodes in the metric collection, event generation, and modeling processes

For more information, see Table of event configuration properties.