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Service Impact 5.5.1

This release improves overall performance, better handles commit conflicts, simplifies relationship building, and reduces the time needed to change production states. To support this release, many ZenPacks were updated, to improve performance in defining Service Impact relationships, and reduce inconsistencies by consolidating edge providers with the DynamicView ZenPack.


For version information, please see the compatibility matrix on the Release Notes page.

Known issues

  • In previous releases, adding a dynamic service was very quick, because the Service Impact database included all of the devices and components in the ZODB. In this release, Service Impact creates a background job to copy the devices and components it requires, which can take a few minutes to complete. Scripts that utilize the Service Impact JSON API must be updated to wait for the job to complete before proceeding.
  • When you change the metatype configuration, the Service Impact database is updated to add or remove nodes. Depending on which items are changed, processing the changes can take 30-90 minutes in very large environments.
  • (IMP-740) During a graph update, the zenimpactgraph script creates one worker process for each available CPU core. Each worker requires up to 2GB of main memory. Without it, the host where the update is running may become unstable.
  • (ZEN-31885) Occasionally, graph update fails with traceback ModelCatalogError: Exception performing search. The workaround is to re-run the update.
  • After installing one or more ZenPacks that have updated relationship providers, rebuild the graph. For more information, see Rebuilding the graph database.
  • (IMP-832) Currently, it is possible to save a custom state provider with no conditions. When a custom state provider without a clear mapping is part of a model, events sent to a dynamic service do not get cleared. The workaround is to always provide a clear mapping.
  • (IMP-836) After a metatype configuration change, related service events are not cleared. To work around the issue, remove and then re-add the dynamic service.

Fixed issues

ID Description
IMP-308 During a lengthy graph update, additional update requests aren't properly queued
IMP-420 Dynamic Services Tree View does not load correctly
IMP-652 Deleting an organizer does not delete portlets displaying the organizer (see Adding an Impact Services portlet)
IMP-659 Impact server is blocked after upgrade from previous version
IMP-718 The graph is inconsistent when related nodes are added serially
IMP-741 Searching for events of class /Status/ returns no results
IMP-747 Unable to add a logical node to a dynamic service
IMP-771 Unable to export logical nodes
IMP-776 Events detected by a logical node don't change dynamic service state
IMP-778 Unable to add components or component groups to a dynamic service
IMP-800 Unable to display Dynamic Services
IMP-806 Pie charts have incorrect counts
IMP-813 Some dynamic service states are inconsistent with RCA results