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Activating the auto-generated rack view

First, ensure that the device is included in a location. Then follow these steps to make devices visible in Datacenter View.

  1. Select a device, from the list of Devices, click Details, and then click Edit.
  2. Enter values for Rack Slot. For more information about specifying values, see the next topic.
  3. Click Save.

The device appears in Datacenter View.

  • In the List View, it appears as part of a rack illustration. The rack illustration becomes the default image in the List View.
  • In the Custom View, it appears as a single device image.

Note: You can customize the device image by modifying the zIcon configuration property in the device class.

Rack view specification syntax

The specification of a rack view features two required and two optional key-value pairs, which are described in the following table. The value for each key is a positive integer.

Key Type Description
ru Required The lowest rack unit used by the device
rh The height of the device, in rack units
st Optional The rack slot
sc The slot capacity (only for chassis devices)

The syntax of a rack view specification is a comma-separated list. The following example specifies a 1u device in the second rack unit for a device named beta.zenoss.loc:


In the preceding example, no rack slot value is included, because there is only one device.