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Network links

If two devices in the same network are in different map-able locations, a line is on the map representing a network connection between the two. If there are multiple separate network connections between the same two locations, only one line is drawn.The color of the line represents the highest severity of any events affecting the connection. These are determined by:

  • A ping down event on the device at either end of the connection; or

  • Any event on the interface at either end of the connection.

Calculating network links on the fly is a time-intensive procedure. If you have a large number of devices that have been assigned locations, drawing those links on the map may take a long time.

To save time, you can tell the system not to attempt to draw links for specific networks. You might want to do this, for example, for a local network comprising many devices that you know does not span multiple locations.

To edit the value for this property:

  1. From the navigation menu, choose INFRASTRUCTURE > NETWORKS.
  2. On the Networks page, choose the network or sub-network for which you want to disable map links.
  3. Display configuration properties for the network.
  4. Double-click the zDrawMapLinks configuration property in the list. The Edit Config Property dialog box appears.
  5. De-select the value (uncheck the box), and then click Submit.

Note: This setting will be inherited by networks or sub-networks below this selection in the hierarchy. If you have few networks for which links would be drawn, you might want to disable map links on /Networks, enabling it only on a network where you know a location-spanning WAN connection exists.