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setBackground(state, url) Records the background state for a custom view
@param {string} state: state to set the background (blank or url)
@param {string} url: if state set to 'url' this URL is saved
setState(action, idsAndStates) Records the state of a device or organizer icon's size and position.
@param {string} action: action to perform (delete or save)
@param {dict} idsAndStates: a dict in form: {id:{'width':20,...},...}
getDiagramDataStore() Returns a list of all devices and organizers in the calling context,
along with an appropriate URL, icon URL, event severity status, and
rack slot information and sorting (if applicable)
setRackHeight(rackHeight) Records the chosen rack height (in U's) of autogenerated rack views
in this location (self.context)
@param {int} rackHeight: the height of the rack