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Analytics 6.0.0

Analytics 6.0.0 is a major release, with improvements in many areas.

  • The Analytics server host now supports RHEL 8.4 and more recent versions.
  • Logging is enhanced.
  • Security is enhanced:
    • On CentOS 7 systems, Java 11 is the minimum required version
    • On RHEL 8 systems, Java 17 is the minimum required version
    • MariaDB is updated to 10.6
    • Apache Commons library is updated to version 4
    • Hibernate is updated to version 5
    • Apache Tomcat is updated to version 9.0.75
    • SSL is updated to v3 and now supports TLS 1.2 and 1.3

Two items are deprecated:

  • JasperServer Reports and its dependencies are no longer included in Zenoss Analytics.
  • The ZenossAnalyticsMonitoring ZenPack is not compatible with this release and the update procedure includes a step for its removal.


Analytics 6.0.0 is compatible with Resource Manager 6.7.0. The Analytics server software was tested on CentOS 7.9 and RHEL 8.4. More recent versions of RHEL were not tested but are supported.

The following ZenPack versions are compatible with this release; previous versions are not:

Fixed issues

ID Description
ANA-9 ETL fails if the centralquery password includes special characters
Some ETLs are showing completed but fail to update dimension tables
ANA-201 Retention policy implementation can lock INNODB, causing event load to fail
ANA-216 Some vSphere performance metrics that have aliases are not extracted
Incomplete or broken logging
ANA-282 Failed batch files are left in /opt/zenoss_analytics/temp permanently
ANA-292 ETL container logs include tracebacks
ANA-310 The operational and admin statuses of IP interfaces are missing from default model data
ANA-343 Failed ETL batches due to Unicode characters
ANA-357 Event ETL traceback on bad record
ANA-365 Batch failures due to calendar year rollover
ANA-369 Tomcat supports HTTP TRACE/TRACK methods, fails security scans
ANA-388 Model ETL does not handle backslash characters
ANA-389 Performance ETL when applying "infinity" or "NaN" values
ANA-402 Stored procedure fails because row size too large

Known issues

ID Description
ANA-451 Isilon ZenPack: Duplicate column name 'Sid' after update to 6.0.0 (see next section)
Analytics is not timezone-aware

Isilon: Duplicate column

If you have the EMC Isilon or Isilon ZenPack installed, you could see an error similar to the following after updating to 6.0.0:

WARN o.m.jdbc.message.server.ErrorPacket [quartzScheduler_Worker-3] Error: 1060-42S21: Duplicate column name 'Sid'
2023-06-27T03:33:53,030 ERROR o.h.engine.jdbc.spi.SqlExceptionHelper [quartzScheduler_Worker-3] (conn=10622) Duplicate column name 'Sid'
2023-06-27T03:33:53,030 ERROR c.z.reporting.schedule.LoadModelJob [quartzScheduler_Worker-3] Failed to rebuild dimension tables batches="506"
org.hibernate.exception.SQLGrammarException: error executing work
at org.hibernate.exception.internal.SQLExceptionTypeDelegate.convert( ~[hibernate-core-5.6.15.Final.jar:5.6.15.Final]

To remove the duplicate column:

  1. Log in to the Analytics server as root or as a user with superuser privileges.

  2. Create a temporary file for cleanup statements:

    cat <<EOF > /tmp/isilon.sql
    DELETE a.* FROM odb_value a JOIN odb_attribute b ON a.odb_attribute_key = b.odb_attribute_key AND b.odb_attribute_name = 'Sid';
    DELETE FROM odb_attribute WHERE odb_attribute_name = 'Sid';
  3. Run the cleanup statements.

    cat /tmp/isilon.sql | mysql -u root reporting