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Updating the global configuration file

Release 6.6.0 includes an update of the zenjobs service, which requires a ZODB variable in global.conf that your deployment may lack or may have set too low. Use this procedure to determine whether the variable is present and configure it, if necessary.

  1. Log in to the Control Center master host as root or as a user with superuser privileges.

  2. Determine whether Resource Manager includes the required ZODB variable.

    serviced service list Zenoss.resmgr | grep global.conf.zodb-cache-max-object-size
    • If the command returns a result AND the value is 1048576, stop. Your deployment is configured correctly.
    • If the command returns no result OR the value is less than 1048567, perform the remaining steps in this procedure.
  3. Log in to the Control Center browser interface.

  4. Navigate to Applications / Zenoss.resmgr.

  5. Select Edit Variables.

  6. In the Edit Variables dialog box, add or edit the required variable. If you are adding the variable, you can place it anywhere in the file.

    global.conf.zodb-cache-max-object-size 1048576
  7. Select Save.

This procedure is intended for use during updates to release 6.6.0. If you are using it outside an update, perform the following, additional steps:

  1. Scroll down to the Services section, and then open Zenoss > User Interface.
  2. In the Actions columns of the zenjobs service, select Restart.